Monday, February 19, 2007

paper anniversary

that's it -- we just had our "paper" anniversary. that means we've made it through 1 year and the traditional gift for that is paper. now, what can you give someone that's paper? that takes some thought. especially if i didn't want it to be "something scrapbook" because that has a very negative connotation to jerry.

so, h-m-m-m. something paper. i knew of something paper i wanted, but i wasn't sure that jerry wanted that. of course, i could always just get it "for us" because that was what i wanted.

with my back injury and his shoulder injury/surgery, we haven't been very good about getting each other presents. we didn't get each other birthday gifts, christmas gifts, valentine's day gifts, and now anniversary gifts. what next? we'll be buying our own gifts and just saying it's from the other person?

well, jerry knew the really neat thing i wanted that was paper, and after we got home from dinner on wednesday night (valentines day) we decided to go with it. of course, my piece of paper will have a matching piece of paper for him -- so that way we each fulfilled the requirement of getting the other one something paper.

what is it, you ask? if you know me well -- you'll already know. if you don't -- then you'll just have to wait and find out when it happens!

after all, there are some people who read this blog just to find out what we are doing in our lives instead of being a part of our lives. there's no need for them to know our business until after it's over. . . when it's too late for them to try and mess anything up or interfere in any way!


Anonymous said...

Mrs Wonderful i was thinking a paper picture of me would have covered the first anniversary gift. lol lol the true is i'm very much looking forward to our trip. there will be lots of first time things be will be doing together and some first time things for me to see. but the best part will be doing something special with you.
love you Mr Wonderful

Warren Bunch said...

Well, it's really cool that you guys are going.... BUT.... if Jerry's not feeling up to par with his shoulder, I guess I could go to keep you company!

Hope you guys have fun and I hope that you had a great anniversary!

Warren Bunch said...

PS - My suitcase is packed, I can be ready to go in 10!!! - Sum